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BTSSG   11758 Quailbrook, San Antonio , TX 78253

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 (210) 679-8102    
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All businesses experience problems and fortunately, most of these problems can be resolved internally. However, sooner or later, a business problem arises that seemingly cannot be resolved in-house and we need: ∑ A different perspective ∑ An impartial and honest assessment ∑ Specific guidance from an experienced problem-solver The bottom line is... We need a solution to the problem because itís costing us both TIME and MONEY! Whether it's a customer perception problem, a productivity problem, a project performance problem or an internal control problem, it wastes both time and money. There are three choices: 1. Ignore the problem and pretend it doesn't exist. 2. Hire a large consulting company which will send an entire team to "study" the problem by camping out in your facility for months, eventually giving you one "solution" which THEY will implement, while charging you thousands and thousands of dollars. 3. Let BTSSG quickly gather the facts from you and provide a clear and concise Business Problem Solutions Report (BPSR) identifying one or more specific solutions for your specific business problem.

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