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Texas Coyote Football, Inc.   12000 Starcrest # 108, P.O. Box 17965, San Antonio , TX 78217

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Texas Coyote Football, Inc. has developed the first ever, modern day Professional Developmental Football Team, aimed solely at the support of the National Football League(NFL). The professional "farm team" system already exists in professional baseball, hockey, soccer and basketball but is prohibited by the NFL bylaws for any one team to utilize or be affiliated to a farm team. However, that does not eliminate our ability to make our services available to all teams which is not prohibited by the NFL bylaws. This lack of a player developmental system has been identified as a critical missing component to the continued success of professional football. The Texas Coyotes will provide this service to players and professional sports teams, while providing entertaining football to San Antonio and the surrounding area sports fans. Our season begins in June and runs through the end of October. We will play our regualr season games at Blossom Athletic Center. The ticket prices are as follows: $10 - 12 for adults, $8 for students and children 5 and under is $4. We look foward to a long prosperous union of fans and players. We can be reached at 210-737-7552.

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