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The Community Development Loan Fund   100 W. Olmos Dr., Ste 104, San Antonio , TX 78212-1954

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The CDLF recognizes the difficulties that small businesses face in obtaining financing from mainstream financial institutions. The CDLF assists small businesses and non-profits achieve their level of financial needs and help them to become more attractive for traditional bank financing. Once small businesses obtain the credit history needed through the CDLF they can then begin to move toward more traditional loans with conventional banks.
The CDLF offers two main products targeted toward small businesses, and both loans are reserved for small minority and/or women owned businesses that are located in low income areas.
Direct Loan: this loan is provided solely by the CDLF and reserved for inner-city businesses.
Tandem Loan: this loan requires a bank participant for each transaction and is available to San Antonio and surrounding areas.
The CDLF has both a for and non-profit entity that are both certified as a Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) through the United States Treasury Department. The CDLF not only receives capital support through government funding, but also through the local community.
The CDLF was founded in 1994 under the name San Antonio Business Development Fund (SABDF) and with help from investors the organization was able to loan out and leverage $17.3 million, make 67 loans totaling over $3.0 million. In doing this CDLF has created and retained over 1,398 jobs in the San Antonio community.
Because small businesses owners still continue to face difficulty in obtaining financing the CDLF is committed to improving the financial infrastructure that supports entrepreneurial growth. We believe that an increase in the number of businesses, coupled with the expansion of existing businesses, will greatly diversify and enhance our local economy. Ultimately, the development of the small business market in San Antonio increases the regional, national and global competitiveness of our small businesses bringing more commerce, trade and tourism to San Antonio.

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