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Networked Systems Solutions   1645 Pat Booker Rd., Universal City , TX 78247

  Phone Number
 (210) 659-2688    
Email Address
  Sales@Nw-Solutions.Net   ,

We INSTALL and MANAGE YOUR servers, workstations and networks. You are busy running your business and that's the way it should be. Installing and maintaining your network and servers usually is not your expertise and that can cost you BIG MONEY!

Servers, systems and networks today are built and designed to be user friendly and to improve office efficiency. The PROBLEM is, if you don't know or understand how they function or how to secure them you are opening yourself and your company up to a variety of security problems, not to mention the money and lost man hours it may cost your company.

What we do best is to offer you an inexpensive and secure way to have the best of both worlds, efficiency and security, economically.

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