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Terra-Genesis, Inc. (TGI)   530 Future Dr., P.O. Box 100875, San Antonio , TX 78201

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Terra-Genesis/Terra-Genesis of San Antonio - As a non-profit organization, “We connect people with Resources” through a database of Community Resources available. There are different ways to access this information 1. Community Resources Directory (CRD) – a hard copy director printed yearly. 2. Xnetconnect – an on-line Community Resources Directory at www.xnetconnect.org, updated daily. 3. TG iKIOSK Solution – Secure direct access to our Community Resources Directory located throughout the City for the public. To find where these Kiosks are located go to www.terragenesis.org and click on ‘Kiosk’ Locator. Sav-Baby, Inc. - a non-profit “Preventing Baby Abandonment” 1. Self-Discovery Phase one & Phase two (pregnant women & women with newborn babies up to the age of one year). 2. Self-Discovery Plus (women who graduated from Phase one and Phase two). (210) 342-8576 – Fax#: (210) 348-8913 Email: tginfo@tgicorp.org Help us keep providing these products free, your donations and support is greatly appreciated.

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