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Grease Posse Kitchen Exhaust Systems   11951 Starcrest, San Antonio , Tx 78247

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Grease Posse offers free inspections and estimates of your commercial kitchen exhaust systems. When your vent hoods are serviced by us, they are cleaned from fan to hood inside and out. Back splash and hood exterior are always a part of our service. We top your cleaning off with a pleasant, mint scented stainless steel polish to bring back that new hood shine. We also offer cooking equipment degreasing and cleaning, side walk and parking lot cleaning and restriping. We even offer graffiti removal. Grease Posse can remove graffiti from your buildings as well as vehicles without damaging the clear coat! Before and after photos are taken on each job and of every scope of work performed. These photos are emailed to our customers the day following service. We also keep these photos on file for your convenience. Can you get that kind of service from your vent hood cleaner? Would you believe that we charge less than most companies for our exceptional service? Call us today and we can prove it.

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