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SA Secure   2459 Cincinnati Ave, San Antonio , TX 78228

    Phone Number
 210-685-1543 , 210-764-5308  
Email Address
  rickparrott@sasecure.net ,

Our goal is to provide small to medium businesses with an alternative to maintaining an expensive in-house IT staff or relying on many different computer repair technicians. Working for fortune 500 corporations has taught us the value of continuity when it comes to your IT needs. Calling in random repair technicians does not allow for this continuity, the technician has to learn your business every time you change to another company. This causes inefficiencies in the process, which lead to higher support costs and lower reliability. Our services allow you to obtain an expert level of cost effective technical support without the need to maintain technicians on-site. Why pay for a fulltime position when you only have a part-time workload? We offer on-site desktop, remote telephone, network and wireless support. Need a project manager? What about end user computer training? In short everything the big corporate players enjoy we can provide for your business, at a fraction of the costs!

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