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Eva's Treasure Box   1024 Donaldson Ave, San Antonio , TX 78228

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  pramodgoshai@yahoo.co.in ,

We provide our discerning customers with authentic handicrafts from Asia. Our products come from Womens cooperatives, local artisan groups and such. It is also an endeavor to uplift the socio economic condition of Indian, Nepalese and Tibetan Craftsman. We believe in fair trade leading to social benefits and are not focused on profit alone. Our handicrafts include Sterling silver jewelry,handrolled incense, Handloomed clothing pieces, Henna body art, Metal craft, wood craft and such. We also carry eco-friendly apparels and accessories made in India and Nepal. We also offer Yoga classes in our meditation hall "tara" and a portion of the fees and income helps in providing education to highschool level students in a rural village in India. Yoga classes are free every second saturday of the month. Please check our schedule or call us.

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