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Add your company listing to Heart of San Antonio Business Directory

To add your company to our Heart of San Antonio Business Directory, please follow these instructions:

Step 1: Check whether your company is listed in Heart of San Antonio Business Directory

If your company is already listed in the directory, you might check to see which category your company is under, so that you won’t add your company to that category again. Duplicated company will not be allowed in any category.

Step 2: Find a category matched with your company

Heart of San Antonio Business Directory allows your company to be listed in up to 3 categories. So, you might want to look around our directory to see which category/categories your company should be in. Our suggestions for an appropriated category are:

- A category which explains your main business.

- A category you want to target your customers.

- A category where your company’s competitors are.

Step 3: Browse to a category you have selected

After finding an appropriate category, what you have to do is browsing to that category where you will see "Add Your Listing under this Category, FREE!" message on the top-right of the page. Then, click on that message to get into the "Sign Up" page.

Step 4: Fill out the "Sign Up" form

In the form, please fill out your company information as much as possible. Any information you do not want displayed on your profile sheet, just leave blank. However, we do need your information in the fields with "*".

The information you provide will be used only for the purposes of this directory and will not be sold or otherwise disclosed to outside parties. Items marked with an asterisk* are only used to personalize our offerings to you and will not be displayed or searchable. Username and password you provide in this step will be needed for changing and updating your company information.

In this step, you also need to identify the service you want. Our Heart of San Antonio Business Directory has provided 3 different services:

    1. Free Listing
    2. A Free Display Page See an example.
    3. Banner Advertising & Sponsorship

Step 5: Change and update your company information

After completing the sign up form, your company will be listed in our Business Directory.

If you want to change or update your company information, click here to log on with your username and password.

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